Heavy Duty Aluminium Scaffold


Lightweight yet heavy duty aluminium scaffolding reshaping the way you build.

AluScaff is versatile, safer and stronger scaffolding giving you the fortitude and stability you need to get the job done.

Lightweight yet heavy duty aluminium scaffolding reshaping the way you build. AluScaff is versatile, safer and stronger scaffolding giving you the fortitude and stability you need to get the job done.

In response to the industry’s demands for better, safer and stronger scaffolding, we are proud to introduce AluSCAFF; a new all-purpose scaffolding system that is exceptionally light, resilient and transportable.

Tough enough to stand up to anything, yet flexible enough to suit any project, AluSCAFF saves you both time and money by reducing your outlay on transport, labour and maintenance, by providing you with strong, secure and easily portable platforms for all of your construction needs.

Manage your risk and secure the safety of your workers with our low upkeep, competitively priced scaffolding solutions that will serve your construction requirements.

With quicker assembly and unparalleled endurance when compared to other aluminium scaffolding systems, AluSCAFF is a multifaceted platforming solution with immense possibility.

Saving you time & money


Trucks can carry twice as many square metres on them and still be lighter, hence more cost-effective.


Save hundreds of thousands of dollars on faster assembly and dismantling times, as well as savings in lost work injuries, prevented by the lighter scaffolding system.


Maintenance costs for the new aluminium ringlock system are considerably cheaper as aluminium resists corrosion and does not require painting as the steel scaffold does. Broken or bent items will also be easier to repair by shortening to the next size down.

Unique Base Assembly

The unique base assembly system speeds up construction of scaffold.


Up to one-third of the weight of steel scaffold, reducing a multitude of manual handling issues and lost time injuries.

Quicker and Safer

Quicker to erect and transport.

Heavy Duty Rating

Rated at 675kg with a design height of 40 metres. Truss Transoms are rated for 10kpa hoardings.

Truss Transom

3 metre, 2.4 metre and 1.8 metre truss transoms with 10kpa rating.

4 Metre Long Standards

AluSCAFF’s 4 metre long standards speed up assembly times and enable scaffolders to pass standards up higher, eliminating additional labour. A 4 metre alloy standard weighs only 8kg, as opposed to the heavier but smaller 3 metre steel standard that weighs 18kg.


Corners are joined together, eliminating the need for tube and clip, making for a much neater and safer scaffold. Lapboards are not required on the corners eliminating any trip hazards.


Hop-ups can have an inside handrail fitted, creating a safer work environment.

Both Down and Up Lifts

Can have both down lift and up lift loads applied.

Grandstands and Staging

Grandstands and staging for the public able to be erected faster and more safely, and incorporate a new handrail system.

More Scaffold Width Size

A greater variety of scaffold width sizes when compared to aluminium frame scaffolds. 3 metres to 0.5 metres.

More Versatile

Able to be used as both a static heavy duty rated scaffold and a mobile scaffold, eliminating the need for two different scaffold systems to do the same job.

Cheaper to Purchase

More cost-effective and versatile than the equivalent aluminium mobiles used in the industry at the moment.

Better Trapdoor

AluSCAFF has a new aluminium trapdoor system and can be installed on multiple decks, eliminating fall hazards and increasing work place safety.

3 Metre Bays

Save time and money with the extra length of 3 metre bays.

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